Danish Kitchen cosiness and time with the family is what motivates

Ærli’ flødeboller is a 100% developed, tested and approved in Micheal’s own kitchen. His wife and children helped him to find the perfect consistency, taste and balance.

“My Family has been the sole motivation and my inspiration to develop a proper, honest and organic flødebolle.” michael further describes why quality is so important for him: “Everyone deserves the best quality and as a father myself, i highly care about what my own children eat. That is the reason why ærli’ flødebollerne is made with the best ingredients and of course are organic”.


“I do not add any lactose or gluten, as I want the flødeboller to be for everyone”

It has always been the solidarity and the danish cosiness, which has motivated michael. There are severeal, either children or aldult in michael’s circle of acquaintances that suffer from gluten or lactoseintolerance. therefore it was natural for michael to avoid adding any gluten or lactose. Because as michael puts it: “I want the flødebolle to be a gatheringpoint and something which is …meant to be shared…”

About ærli’ fldøeboller and the man behind, who insist for the product to be without compromises (and honesty) 

If you ask Michael Møller larsen, the man behind Ærli’ flødeboller, why he has dedicated his love to flødeboller, you will get a very simple and honest answer “beacause i love quality flødeboller”.

“I want my flødeboller to be without compromises and available for everyone”

Michael has a background as a biochemist and is quite the nerd when it comes to taste and consistency. But it has, without any doubt, been his continually love for quality flødeboller, which has driven the project from idea to the product which is available in our webshop.


“Quality flødeboller just gives a better taste sensation than the conventional rather boring versions.” Michael continues: “The only problem with the available quality flødeboller on the market, was the expensive pricing”.

This has been key elements in the development of ærli’ flødeboller. High quality ingredients. uncompromising in proportion to quality and taste, but this at an afordable price.
“They are …meant to shared… so the need to be available for everyone”


The bottom is the key element of a quality flødebolle

When you, as Michael, wont compromise quality, taste and availability, you end up producing your own flødeboller. Michael wanted to spoil his family with stellar flødeboller, but the market just did not present quality at an afordable price. Michael next issue was the bottom of the flødeboller. They were either made of marcipan or some sort of stale wafflebottom.

“the bottom in the ærli’ fldøebolle is made of 60% dark, fairtrade, organic valrhona chocolate, which provides the flødebolle with a superior taste experience.” Michael’s wife and children tested the chocolate bottom and were immediately in agreement; this bottom was a homerun. 
hereafter Michael started to serve his flødeboller for friends and family, this lead to a very special order, which would prove to be the start of an adventure.

The ordering of 300 flødeboller was the starting signal

The romour of a local quality flødebolle had spread beyond michael’s own acquaintances, and one day a couple ordered 300 flødeboller for their wedding. The guests at the wedding loved michael’s flødeboller and he left the wedding with orderings of more than a 1000 flødeboller.the course was set and Michael realised that it was time to make his dream of making quality, organic flødeboller his life’s work. On November the 30th 2018 Michael Launched ærli’ – kompromisløse flødeboller, which is the product you can now buy in our webshop or local danish distributors.